Regional Atmospheric Modeling System

RAMS is a multipurpose, numerical prediction model designed to simulate atmospheric circulations spanning in scale from hemispheric scales down to large eddy simulations (LES) of the planetary boundary layer. The most frequent applications of RAMS are to simulate atmospheric phenomena on the mesoscale (horizontal scales from 2 km to 2000 km) for purposes ranging from operational weather forecasting to air quality and dispersion applications to support of basic research. There were more than 200 RAMS installations in over 40 countries before the GPL release. Since then (Dec 2003), there have been many thousands of downloads from our web site.

Version 6.0 "Official":
The RAMS v6.0 Official Release is available below. Several README files are included in the tar file.

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Description (PDF)


This code is Fortran 90 Free Format and requires a Fortran 90 compiler.
RAMS v6.0
Updated: 19 August 2009
Official Release
Requires UTILS v2.4 (included in tar file)
Compatible with REVU v2.5
RAMS v6.0 test run
Updated: 7 Feb 2006
for v6.0 official
Instructions for RAMS v6.0 test run