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RAMS v4.2 Introduction PDF (32 kB) RAMS v4.2 Namelist Documentation PDF (308 kB)
RAMS Technical Manual PDF (167 KB)
RAMS v6.0 Introduction
PDF (110 KB)
(document version - 1.4, 30 Oct 2006)
PDF (357 KB)
RAMS Dataprep File Format (rev. 3) PDF (23 KB)
ATMET Tech Note #1
Modifications for the Transition from LEAF-2 to LEAF-3 (Oct 2005)
PDF (103 KB)
ATMET Tech Note #2
Common Customizations for RAMS v6.0 (Oct 2006)
PDF (230 KB)
REVU v.2.5 User's Guide PDF (219 KB)
REVU v.2.3.1 User's Guide Online - HTML
REVU v.2.3.1 User's Guide PDF (236 KB)
HYPACT v1.5 Namelist Guide (BETA) PDF (227 KB)
HYPACT v1.2 User's Guide Online - HTML
HYPACT v1.2 User's Guide PDF (258 KB)
HYPACT Technical description Postscript (212 KB)
Obsolete Documents
RAMS v3b User's Guide Postscript (790 KB)
RAMS v4.3/4.4 Introduction PDF (42 KB)
RAMS v4.3/4.4 Namelist Documentation PDF (338 KB)