RAMS/HYPACT Evaluation and Visualization Utilities

RAMS/HYPACT Evaluation and Visualization Utilities (REVU) is the standard supported package for generating graphical representations and reformatting RAMS and HYPACT model output. REVU’s function is to read analysis files written from a RAMS or HYPACT simulation, select user-specified fields and cross sections from the file data, and plot the field cross sections, or output the selected data in one of several available formats (e.g. Vis5D, GrADS, GRIB). REVU utilizes NCAR Graphics to perform the plotting functions. REVU can also interpolate point data from the analysis files.


This code is Fortran 90 Free Format and requires a Fortran 90 compiler.
REVU v2.5
(Updated: 31 Oct 2006)
Compatible with RAMS v5.0x/v6.0 and HYPACT v1.2